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Current Version:1.0
Last Updated:July 07, 2006
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Publisher:Miray Software
Main Category:Network & Internet
Sub Category:Network Monitoring
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NetSniffer makes it possible to track the network traffic between arbitrary devices within a LAN segment. The data received during this process are displayed by NetSniffer as raw data, i.e. each byte of a network packet is displayed individually. Additionally, packet size and protocol type of the network layer (e.g. IP, ARP etc.) as well as the MAC address of sender and recipient are displayed.

NetSniffer scans the computer for a variety of installed network adapters such as NE2000-compatibles (both ISA and PCI), Realtek 8139, Intel 8255x, and 3Com 3C90x compatibles.

NetSniffer can show the traffic of each of the installed adapters in different ways: either in single packet-per-packet or in run-through mode, and it is also possible to show the traffic only destined for the specified adapter or for the entire network.

Every packet is shown together with source and destination address, packet type, and size as well as hexadecimal and ASCII representation of the packet content.

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